Thursday, January 26, 2012

Qwerty Love - Anto NeoSoul aka Antony Mwangi

Anto Neosoul is asking, Is there True Love on social media? Can you find Real Love on social media? Anto doesn’t think so in his latest new single "Qwerty Love!"
On the 8th of January, Anthony Neosoul took to the heart of Nairobi’s Metropolis at the Tom Mboya foundation, to shoot a new video for this song. Now he is out with ‘Qwerty Love’ whose video was shot in the heart of Nairobi CBD. Clearly he is on a crusade to tackle some of our relationship woes.A first of its kind, the video shoot took the format of a flash mob.
This was done in partnership with MNet, StockTown, Paragasha band and some of Kenya’s finest street dance crews like Titanz, Black Blingaz and over 50 dancers who showed up to be featured in the video that tackles new age love fueled by tech gadgets. The effect was magnificent, bringing together large crowds.
The flash mob took place outside Alliance Francaise and Mr. Price Clothing Store on Tom Mboya Street. Just as expected, a flash mob is bound to bring Nairobi to a standstill. It was well responded to with a good number of the public taking part in the musical fun.To break it down, the song speaks about finding true love online. The musician, doesn’t think that true love resides online.
To him, this is an illusion. Highly influenced by new media and pop culture, people are living a lie; A Kenyan culture norm that needs addressing.

Monday, January 16, 2012

East Africa Gospel Mixx - Dj Maxx Makau 2012

East Africa Gospel Mixx - Dj Maxx Makau 2012

East Africa Gospel Mixx - Dj Maxx Makau 2012 by Dj Maxx Makau

East Africa Gospel Mixx
1.Kiatu Kivue - Anastacia
2.Neema ya Mungu - Emmanuel Ushindi
3.Dunda mu Yesu - Emmanuel Ushindi
4.Mfalme wa Amani - Solomon Mkubwa
5.Mifupa Mikavu - Yusto Onesmo
6.Wapendwa - Neema Mwaipopo
7.Hapo Mwanzo - Abiud Mishuli
8.Ninatamani -
9.Litapita - Yusto Onesmo
10.Uhimidiwe - MD Wampayo /Nova Musica Int’l ft Shtuko
11.Inua Macho - Bonny Mwaitege
12.Roho i radhi - Upendo Nkone
13.Njoo - Bonny Mwaitege
14.Mwambie Yesu - Upendo Nkone
15.Upendo wa Yesu - Upendo Nkone
17.Narudi - Joseph Nyuki
18.Maisha bila Yesu - Joseph Nyuki
20.Utanitambuaje - Bonny Mwaitege
21.Tumiza Maono - Ben Githae
22.Yesu ni Beste - Man Ingwe